ILCA 6 - Charterfee for Semaine Olympique Francaise 2024 - LAST CHANCE REGATTA Charter Fee

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Charter Booking for the Last Chance Regatta during the SOF, Hyeres.


We have two booking options available:

1. Charter fee only (EUR 900 + refundable damage deposit EUR 450 = EUR 1.350) - Boats will be available from Thursday 18th April until Saturday 27th April.

2. Pre-Charter and Charter fee (Pre-Charter EUR 400 + Charter fee EUR 900 + refundable damage deposit EUR 450 = EUR 1.750) - Boats will be available from Saturday 13th April until Saturday 27th April.

Please note:
Charter boats will be supplied on a launching trolley as a hull with self-bailer, padded hiking strap, spars (upper mast, lower mast and a boom), centreboard and rudder, mainsheet side cleats if requested, control line deck block fitting with blocks and control line deck cleat fitting with cleats. All charter boats will be provided with composite upper masts and composite lower mast (ILCA 6 only). All other spars will be aluminum.

Competitors must provide their own ropes, boom vang, mainsheet block with spring or similar, traveler blocks and line, sail and battens, tiller and tiller extension, outhaul and cunningham control set, and adjustment rope/shock-cord for hiking strap. Competitors may request to have the charter boat provided with a builder supplied padded hiking strap or may provide their own hiking strap, which must be installed by the charter provider.

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